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Matthew Czarnecki

Lead Pastor

our Cross

Mark 15:17 – They put a purple robe on him, then twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on him. 

1 John 2:17 – The world passes away but, whoever does the will of God lives forever.

1 Corinthians 6:11 – You are washed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Acts 13:39 – Through Christ everyone who believes is set free from every sin. 

The Bible says that they put a purple robe on Christ and gave him a crown of thorns. Purple is a royal color that symbolized the kingdom of the whole world, which Christ was about to receive by the shedding of His blood.  To love God is to gain Him, and His Kingdom, forever. Followers of Christ are washed from their sins by the blood of Christ. It is through Christ alone that those who believe in Him are set forever free from the stain of sin.

this is

Our System

Find Jesus.

We are all born separated from God because of sin. All people stand parallel before God. God sent Jesus into the world because He loves you. He wants you to experience freedom found only in Jesus. The gift of salvtion is received by placing your faith and trust in Jesus the Righteous as Savior and Lord. The moment you decide to believe in Jesus, you are positioned in righteousness. 

Follow Jesus.

A person positioned in righteousness does not stand stationary. Belief results in action. Action reveals belief. Those who believe in Jesus choose to follow Him. Believers also stay connected to Jesus by striving to live thankfully and faithfully.

Live free!

People who follow Jesus experience true freedom. This does not mean sin is completely removed. It does mean that Christians can live without the confinement of sin. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, followers of Jesus are overcomers. Christians can live an abundant life by fleeing the desires of the world and following Christ. A believers freedom creates a new desire to live for Christ as a simple, unassuming servant. 


We exist so confined people can find freedom in Jesus.


See the freedom in following Jesus.

Core Values

We praise Jesus continually.

exaltation through worship

We communicate intentionally.

encouragement through fellowship

We carry burdens equally.

enhancement through ministry

We cultivate character honestly.

edification through discipleship

We circulate the Gospel persistently.

enrichment through evangelism

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