Righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.
Romans 3:22

In the Old Testament, animals were sacrificed to atone for the sin of man. Since the animal did no wrong they died in the place of the one performing the sacrifice. Jesus came into the world as the “Lamb of God” to give Himself, willingly, as a perfect sacrifice for all people (John 1:29). The requirement for sacrifices or works has been eliminated. The blood of Jesus covered all of our sins! Righteousness is imputed, or credited, to us, at the moment we believe. No one can be right with God without being given righteousness. However, once you have the righteousness of Christ, you must still press on (Phil. 3:12). Imputed righteousness makes practical righteousness pursuable. Have you been applying the right principles to all circumstances?

Pray that you will pursue righteousness.

Live Forever Free,


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