They knew it was the Lord. John 21:12

Fishing all night and not catching fish was a major snag for Peter and his crew (John 21). Empty nets meant empty pockets. In the midst of this complication, Jesus was standing on the shore, unrecognizable to the disciples. It was when Jesus called out that they realized “It is the Lord!” (John 21:7). After being obedient to His voice, the disciples caught an abundance of fish!

We should be listening for the voice of Jesus in the midst of a complication.

During the difficulties, Jesus is always nearby. He is watching and aware of all the perceived problems. Every life complication is an opportunity to listen for His voice. If you are going through a season of obstacles, be encouraged! Often, God will allow “empty nets” because He is trying to say something you otherwise would neglect to hear. Further, a great truth to remember is that any complication can quickly turn into a celebration!

If you feel like you have been fishing all night without a catch, become more deliberate in listening for the voice of Jesus. Once you gain some insight on where to drop the nets, you will know it is the Lord.

How can you develop a greater spiritual sensitivity to hear the voice of Jesus?

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