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Actual Resurrection

Actual Resurrection

He appeared to Peter and then to the Twelve.1 Corinthians 15:5 After Jesus rose from the grave, he appeared to over a thousand people. Twelve simple, uneducated Jewish commoners were able to start something that has been going on for over 2000 years! The resurrection changed the lives of early Christians. They did not get prestige, wealth, or increased social…

He is Risen!

He is Risen!

He is not here, for he has risen, as he said. Matthew 28:6 The simple phrase “He has risen,” is the cornerstone of our greater faith. In fact, the phrase defends and determines everything about our faith. When Jesus Christ defeated the grave it provided a foundation to follow with fortitude. We can now function on earth with the hope of eternal life. “Praise be to the God…

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